COVID-19 Electrostatic Disinfection Solutions, Simplified.

With the unprecedented times that businesses are faced with today, employee safety is at the fore-front of keeping our economy open. Our electrostatic disinfection machines and disinfecting concentrate offer the protection needed to help combat COVID-19 and 45 other pathogens that attack workplaces today.

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This is a new era, corona virus may go away some day but we will be fighting other strands of Covid, Cold and flu will be here every year for eternity.

42 other pathogens we will be fighting every day for the rest of our lives. Triple S Services has the Disinfectants to fight all these and more. We need to get our business ready for the NEW FUTURE of disinfecting. ITS NO GOING AWAY.

Facility cleaning & sanitizing is a requirement by all local and federal guidelines

Getting back to business during Corona virus outbreak can be a headache. Profits are down because businesses can not open at full capacity. With this in mind, we developed products to make sure all businesses can have a safe reopening. We focus on offering a safe environment for employees and customers. All our products follow the research from major organizations such as CDC, EPA, WHO.